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Interboat 22 Xplorer


The perfect sloop for enthusiasts who want to go further. Even longer overnight trips are within reach with the Interboat 22 Xplorer. Completely built on our own Dutch yard with a 10-year warranty. It is of course also available with electric propulsion.

€ 57.200

Basic specifications

  • Length

    6.80 m

  • Beam

    2.50 m

  • Draught

    0.65 m

  • Airdraft

    1.15 m

  • Engines

    27.0 hp

  • Fuel tank

    60 L


In the front of the Interboat 22 Xplorer you will find a separate toilet, a sink with running water and a refrigerator. Handy is the folding table of fine teak, which connects seamlessly to the engine box. The Xplorer 22 is equipped with a lot of teak as standard. Under the rear deck, there is a large storage space. With the extra cushions, a double bed is created between the front seats.

Uniquely spacious with unprecedented comfort 

In the bow of the Interboat 22 Xplorer, a unique space has been created with a refrigerator, fountain with running water and a toilet. This makes this version of the Interboat 22 a day, weekender boat with an unprecedented level of comfort. The starting price of the standard very complete Interboat 22 Xplorer is 57.200.


The wide stern gives the Interboat 22 not only a good stability, it also gives the boat a very robust appearance. Approved for no less than 10 people for the coastal waters. The air draft is only 1.15 meters making the Interboat 22 also suitable for smaller waters with low bridges. She is also available with an electrical propulsion.

Interboat 22 Xplorer

Total price: 57.200

Please note, the images with options shown are only an impression. In reality, the sloop may differ. Errors in options and prices reserved.
* Not a standard option, but shown with this model.

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