Intender 700

Intender 700

The Intender 700 is a striking model. Besides a few notable novelties, this modernised version of the sloop has one additional pleasing feature. Thanks to a completely new bottom hull, the Intender 700 achieves high speed with little power. Completely built in its own Dutch yard with a 10-year warranty.

The starting price for this now proven and complete quality tender is € 53,500.00.

Of course also available with electric propulsion!

From € 53.500
Basis specifications
  • Lengte


    6.90 mtr

  • Stahogte

    Clearance height

    1.12 mtr

  • Beam

    2.50 mtr

  • Motorization

    16 - 75 hp

  • Draft

    0.70 mtr

  • Fuel capacity

    60 L