Interboat 17

Interboat 17

Most sold sloop in the Netherlands

Although the Interboat 17 is the first model in the series, we cannot speak of an entry-level model, on the contrary! The Interboat 17 offers a comfortable seat for no less than 8 people and proves its stability with the certification for coastal waters. The price of the standard very complete version can be called very competitive. Completely built in our own Dutch yard with a 10-year warranty.

From € 35.900
Basis specifications
  • Lengte


    5.70 mtr

  • Stahogte

    Clearance height

    0.90 mtr

  • Beam

    2.25 mtr

  • Motorization

    12 - 27 hp

  • Draft

    0.55 mtr

  • Fuel capacity

    30 L

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