New: Intender 950 Convertible!

December 10, 2021

It is a bold move to saw off the roof of a spacious cabin like that of the Intender 950. Interboat director Jerry Schuiten struggled with the contradictory idea for a long time. “We are building a wonderful boat with a generously sized closed cabin, only to break open that closed space a little later. On the other hand, with this intervention you will realize just about the most spacious and most comfortable tender for daytime recreation. Moreover, a convertible by definition has an extra elegant and sporty appearance. There is a lot of demand for this due to the growth spurt of domestic tourism.”

Sea of ​​space

The sensational result is a sea of ​​outdoor space. Entirely in line with Interboat's tradition, every centimeter of space gained is given a comfortable interpretation. The sophisticated design of the forecastle is regarded as what cyclists call the 'hors category'. What is barely visible from the outside reveals itself - step down - as a space miracle. The line is as known. Clearly recognizable, functional and decorative in balance. Then finally the motorization. Starts with a 52 hp diesel and ends with a 320 hp self-igniter that clocks up to 48 kilometers per hour. To enjoy the Intender 950 convertible the sun doesn't even have to shine.




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