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Carefree enjoyment of water sports, that’s what Interboat stands for. The choice of vessel is the first step towards bringing you closer to this ultimate goal. Let that be the right choice straight away. We see it as our mission to be of service to you with customized advice.


Regardless of the budget you have available. As well as the renowned sloops, tenders and cruisers from our own shipyard, we also have other brands in stock. With one big plus: Security.

Interboat is a real family business. In fact, our loyal clientele experience the care and attention that we offer to our ‘family members’ as standard. Just ask owners of an Interboat. The sales, service and maintenance strengthens this bond. And with additional services such as winter storage, transport, insurance and even sailing lessons, we will help you in the fantastic world of boating.


A team of 50 employees, a professional service network with branches in the most famous water sports areas guarantee you a safe journey. In the winter months, your boat undergoes a major maintenance service, including cleaning, possible damage repair, possibly hood replacement and / or cushions and dry storage. As soon as the first spring sun cautiously touches the skin, your boat is in a perfect order ready for the new sailing season.

Experience the momentum.

Therefore take the time to familiarise yourself. Experience the comfort and excellent sailing characteristics of our own models. Take the test and start off with an occasion. Dare to weigh up the investment on the basis of demonstrable figures from the past. Because we have it in black and white. Discover that purchasing a boat from our collection means much more than just direct sailing pleasure. The reality shows that your investment is exceptionally stable, with extra return in the form of years of uninterrupted sailing pleasure. And when the time is right for an ‘upgrade’ to a larger model, the value of your current Interboat makes the next step easy. The experience teaches.

Own manufacture.

With a wide choice of sloops, cruisers and tenders of its own make, Interboat meets the demands of a wide audience. The standard equipment is complete, but for all models there is a choice of several types of engines and comfort-enhancing accessories.

All day, all night ..

A sloop is suitable for day trips without overnight stay. The tenders are a contemporary sporting variant. The cruisers are built for longer trips and are seaworthy. With additional facilities your boat is also suitable for a longer stay on the water. For all our models, individual customization applies for motorisation, colours of hull, hood and cushions.

First try a sloop, tender or cruiser before you purchase it? Several of our models are for rent in the following ports:

Sassenheim, Intender 700
Jachthaven Jonkman:

Vinkeveen, Interboat 17
Jachthaven Winkeloord:

Lemmer, Interboat 17 en Interboat 22

Sporthotel Iselmar:

Loosdrecht  Interboat 6.5

Jachthaven Piet Hein: