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Combine pure craftsmanship with unrestrained passion for water sports and one hundred percent Dutch handicraft, then the name Interboat automatically 'floats'. The yard has been nationally and internationally renowned for 25 years for the high quality, extreme durability and reliability of the characteristic sloops, sporty tenders and comfortable cruisers. The manufacture of polyester parts - application of resin and gellcoat - takes place in an optimally conditioned room. The fully automated machine park guarantees a constant mixing ratio.

But where other shipyards, to save time, also inject the glass fiber by machine, Interboat takes a big step further in terms of quality. The glass mats are applied manually. This method is known as the hand-lay-up method. The result is a much stronger and tighter surface with a guaranteed consistent thickness of the polyester. That is why Interboat gives a 10-year warranty on the hull.

The yard uses the high-tech vacuum method for part of the production of the smaller parts. In addition to the high quality level, both methods have the advantage that the emission of harmful substances is kept to a minimum.

Safety, quality, comfort and reliability are central to the choice of materials and the selection, assembly and installation of the standard facilities and accessories. The final finishing is done exclusively with the use of high-quality materials.
All models are CE certified for at least coastal waters (category C), the larger Intercruisers are even qualified as seaworthy (category B). In combination with the strict design qualifications and the high quality, this gives a watertight guarantee for years of carefree sailing pleasure. Interboat delivers strictly in accordance with the HISWA conditions. Pure craftsmanship and passion for water sports are the driving force.
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